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Yusu Herbal Tea

退货和退款政策 | Return and Refund Policy



•    收到商品的5天后才提出退货退款要求。
•    订单资料填写错误或订单重复。
•    产品损坏为客户人为因素。
•    开封过的商品。
•    包装已损坏的商品。
•    因客户无法亲自接收商品而导致商品退回本店。*重新邮寄须另承担运费

Yusu only accepts requests for returns and refunds from customers who receive defective or damaged goods (defects and damages are not caused by the customer, photos and descriptions must be provided). Returns and refunds must be requested within 5 days of receiving the item.

Since orders are handmade upon order received, Yusu does not accept returns, refunds or order cancellations under the following situations:

• Requests for returns and refunds are made after 5 days receipt of the item.

• The order information is incorrectly filled or the order is duplicated.

• Product deliberately damaged by customer

• Items that have been opened.

• Package damaged merchandise.

• Merchandise returned to the store because the customer was unable to receive the item in person. *Remailing is subject to additional shipping costs which customer has to bear the cost


Yusu reserves the rights to refuse any ineligible return request for a refund.

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