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品牌介绍 | About YUSU

4 type of Yusu Herbal tea

YUSU的由来 | The origins of YUSU

YUSU这个品牌名称源自日本「優巣」,「優」代表优良,优等,上品。 「巣」则是家的意思。顾名思义,我们想把最好的呈现给大家。

YUSU,originated from the Japanese word 優巣.「優」is the meaning of excellent, premium, superior, top grade;  while「巣」is the meaning of home. As the name implies, we want to present the best to everyone of you.



日常轻养生 | 晨间的治愈来自汉方草本的香气  

Daily Wellness | Morning Healing time with the Fragrance of Chinese Herbs











As we go about our daily lives between family and work, we tend to neglect "ourselves". Even though life continues to be a hectic cycle, it is important to try and find a moment of peace in the cracks of our daily routine. The only way to stay well is to take care of both internally and externally.


"Every morning, feel the warmth of a cup of tea. Start the daily healing time with nourishing herbal tea."


The use of different Chinese herbs has been recorded since the time of our grandparents to correspond to the common symptoms of the body. Each Yusu tea bag is prepared with the advice of a qualified Traditional Chinese Doctor, and the combination of different Chinese herbs and portions is repeatedly tested to present the best handmade herbal tea recipe.


However, we do not only focus on the therapeutic benefits, but also on the aroma and flavour of each cup of tea. Like the word of "small fortunes" mentioned by Haruki Murakami, those seemingly tiny but precise happinesses are made different through the details. While the therapeutic benefits are there, let's not forget the natural and pure aroma of the herbal tea that fills your mouth.


“We hope that each cup of herbal tea will heal your body as well as your heart."

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